a better world
is probable
  1. “White Man” and “Good Morning, Revolution” by Langston Hughes

    March 5, 2012

    White Man
    New Masses, December 15, 1936

    Sure, I know you!
    You’re a White Man.
    I’m a Negro.
    You take all the best jobs
    And leave us the garbage cans to empty and
    The halls to clean.
    You have a good time in a big house at
    Palm Beach
    And rent us the back alleys
    And the dirty slums.
    You enjoy Rome–
    And take Ethiopia.
    White Man! White Man!
    Let Louis Armstrong play it–
    And you copyright it
    And make the money.
    You’re the smart guy, White Man!
    You got everything!
    But now,
    I hear your name ain’t really White Man.
    I hear it’s something
    Marx wrote down
    Fifty years ago–
    That rich people don’t like to read.
    Is that true, White Man?
    Is your name in a book
    Called The Communist Manifesto?
    Is your name spelled
    Are you always a White Man?

    Good Morning, Revolution
    New Masses, September 1932

    Good morning Revolution:
    You are the best friend
    I ever had.
    We gonna pal around together from now on.
    Say, listen, Revolution:
    You know the boss where I used to work,
    The guy that gimme the air to cut expenses,
    He wrote a long letter to the papers about you:
    Said you was a trouble maker, a alien-enemy,
    In other words a son-of-a-bitch.
    He called up the police
    And told’em to watch out for a guy
    Named Revolution

    You see,
    The boss knows you are my friend.
    He sees us hanging out together
    He knows we’re hungry and ragged,
    And ain’t got a damn thing in this world –
    And are gonna to do something about it.

    The boss got all his needs, certainly,
    Eats swell,
    Owns a lotta houses,
    Goes vacationin’,
    Breaks strikes,
    Runs politics, bribes police
    Pays off congress
    And struts all over earth –

    But me, I ain’t never had enough to eat.
    Me, I ain’t never been warm in winter.
    Me, I ain’t never known security –
    All my life, been livin’ hand to mouth
    Hand to mouth.

    Listen, Revolution,
    We’re buddies, see –
    We can take everything:
    Factories, arsenals, houses, ships,
    Railroads, forests, fields, orchards,
    Bus lines, telegraphs, radios,
    (Jesus! Raise hell with radios!)
    Steel mills, coal mines, oil wells, gas,
    All the tools of production.
    (Great day in the morning!)
    Everything –
    And turn’em over to the people who work.
    Rule and run’em for us people who work.

    Boy! Them radios!
    Broadcasting that very first morning to USSR:
    Another member of the International Soviet’s done come
    Greetings to the Socialist Soviet Republics
    Hey you rising workers everywhere greetings –
    And we’ll sign it: Germany
    Sign it: China
    Sign it: Africa
    Sign it: Italy
    Sign it: America
    Sign it with my one name: Worker
    On that day when no one will be hungry, cold oppressed,
    Anywhere in the world again.

    That’s our job!

    I been starvin’ too long
    Ain’t you?

    Let’s go, Revolution!