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  1. A Vision of Students Today

    February 22, 2008

  2. (Day 1) Diving In: Flight 3482

    January 19, 2008

    This is dedicated to Flight 3482, for giving me the time to reflect and Marcelo an old friend.Upon arriving at the Smith Terminal of Detroit’s Metro Airport, I ran straight to the security office to return my security badge. I worked as a retailer at the airport during previous summer and I never returned my badge. It seemed almost funny that the secretary at the office asked for no explanation for why I was returning my badge almost half-a-year late. Nevertheless, I asked no questions and went to board my first flight. Flight 3482 to Philly.

    The TSA guard noticed the sticker on my laptop during screening—a big SDS logo. “Is that SDS—Students for a Democratic Society?” she asked. I smiled at her, “That’s exactly what it is.” She placed hands on her chest and looked at me relieved, “Well, I’m so glad all that work wasn’t forgotten.” I took my SDS pin off the pocket of my jeans and handed it to her. As I walked away I noticed her put it in her pocket and pat it, as if to secure it in her pocket. I smiled and walked to my gate.

    Considering that I spent over 50 hours a week in an airport this past summer, what I’m about to say will be silly: this is really exciting to me. I’ve never really flown before. I’ve only been able to admire air travelers from across a cash register at the DTW Travelmart. My family drove when we went on vacations, and when I travel on my own I usually split the gas with friends. So now, sitting in the tacky rock-n-roll themed bar, I pop my $2.00 aspirin, raise my $8.00 pint and declare, “Here’s to Flight 3482!”


  3. Press coverage for Detroit Auto Show action

    January 16, 2008