a better world
is probable

A consideration

July 11, 2015

I read in Daniel Bensaïd’s memoir last evening that “nothing should ever make you despair.”

Bensaïd was reflecting on a specific instance: his cousin was a stubborn loyalist to the French Communist Party but eventually became a sympathizer to the Ligue communiste révolutionnaire (the French section of the Fourth International, which Bensaïd helped to form).

The sentiment was difficult to accept at the moment. But perhaps one can be generous enough to themselves to consider the notion and repurpose it more generally?

One should face reality, of course, but that doesn’t need to translate into hopelessness over struggles which twist along less than favorable courses or result in defeat or setback. It is likely the case, in fact, that even the most successful revolutionary movement will witness more defeats than victories. It is the purpose, in part, of a revolutionary theory to see the way through such inhospitable terrain.

And it is far too simple in such times to accept despair and forget that even the most solid pavement eventually begins to crack.