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Critique of Grace Lee Boggs and visionary organizing in the ISR

June 13, 2013

944226_10150295304404997_1058956813_nThis is a shameless plug for this month’s issue of the International Socialist Review which includes a new version of a past post I wrote on Grace Lee Boggs and visionary organizing.  Pick your copy up from your local branch of the International Socialist Organization, or I’m told they’re often available at Barnes & Noble. It should also be available again online when the ISR’s new website is up and running.

If you’re interested in this topic, I’ll also be speaking on a Marxist critique of prefigurative politics at this summer’s annual Socialism 2013 conference. Register today!

  • http://signozodiacalcosas.wordpress.com/ Marshall B. Gordon

    When the Yugoslav communists came into power in 1945, they claimed to have introduced a socialist solution to the Yugoslav national question. But what did this claim imply? This book charts the approach pursued by Yugoslav communist leaders from their endorsement in 1935 of a strategy committing to the search for a “socialist solution” to the national question within a multinational Yugoslav context, until the party disintegrated in 1990. Hilde Katrine Haug examines the impact of the communist leadership’s aspirations to create a socialist Yugoslavia on their management of national conflict in the highly heterogeneous Yugoslav state entity.