a better world
is probable

On catching breath.

January 15, 2008

Thursday, the 3rd. Meeting all night in Detroit for a strategy session on Saturday, then drive to Ann Arbor.

Friday, the 4th. Anti-oppression session at University of Michigan with two hours of sleep.

Saturday, the 5th. All day strategy session, until midnight.

Monday, the 7th. First day of classes for the Winter semester.

Wednesday, the 9th. Court for my arrest in November. Freedom from Oil team starts arriving.

Thursday, the 10th. Final preparations for Transportation Challenge Getaway Weekend.

Friday, the 11th. Opening day of Getaway, left my phone charger at parents house.

Saturday, the 12th. Second day of the Getaway, training and skill share day, ending with action prep. Phoneless.

Sunday, the 13th. Action day. Phoneless. Catch up on school work.

This week:

Leave for D.C. on Thursday with a three hour lay-over in Philly. Meetings all weekend, return Sunday then catch up on school work. Thank god there’s no school on Monday.